Welcome to the Center for Integrative Mental Health. We’re a new clinic in Oakville, Ontario, and our goal is to provide you with comprehensive, full-service, world-class assessment and treatment for ADHD. We use an ‘Integrative’ approach. This means that we look at each person in a holistic way, and take the best treatments …

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Our Team

Dr. Kenny Handelman


Laura De Santis

Social Worker

Dr. Sonya Doherty

Naturopathic Doctor


Our clinic provides specialty assessments of ADHD across the lifespan – including children (6 years +), teenagers, and adults.

You can read more about our Comprehensive Assessment for ADHD here.

As there is a significant shortage of doctors providing assessment for ADHD and related disorders, Dr. Handelman will provide an assessment and treatment recommendations. He may provide some short term follow up – but this may not be necessary, and if it is provided, it will be short lived.

You and your referring doctor will receive treatment recommendations to use going forward.

We support freedom of choice in healthcare. Many patients will choose to work with more than one professional in our clinic – to allow our team to collaborate on your care; and many patients choose to see one professional at our clinic and see other professionals elsewhere.

It is completely up to you who you choose to have on your healthcare team.

The psychotherapy at our clinic is not covered by OHIP. You have to pay for this treatment.

Your extended health insurance may cover some or all of this treatment. You can check with them, and please feel free to contact our office to ask for more information which may help you with specifics you may need for your insurance company.

Naturopathic Medicine is not covered under OHIP and is a form of privatized medicine, much like massage or chiropractic therapy. Many insurance companies cover a certain amount for naturopathic medicine and in-house testing. If you bring in your insurance card we can check during your appointment through TELUS Health (which would allow for us to direct bill some or all of your fees to your insurance company).

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Swallowing ADHD Medication

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